C&B Honey Comb in Wooden Frame

Weight: 2.38 kg

Something a little special for the honey lovers amongst you, a tray of the finest Acacia honey still in its honeycomb. Spooned straight from the comb, you can almost taste the summer meadows in its floral delicate taste.


100% natural Acacia Honey ________________________________ INGREDIENTS Honey Bee Wax with 100% Acacia Honey PROVENANCE This honeycomb was produced by a small farm workers collective, who have perfected the art of apiculture and responsible bee husbandry for over 20 years. The farm started with just eight bee families, feeding on the plentiful Robinia Pseudoacacia, or Black Locust tree. This results in an exclusively natural, pure honey with a light floral flavour that is free from any additives. This honeycomb is a 100% natural product and may contain traces of organic debris. SERVING SUGGESTION With a knife, cut a chunk of honeycomb and spread over hot buttered toast, English muffins or pancakes. Also great served with multi-grain crackers and your favourite cheese. ALLERGY Honey is not recommended for infants under 12 months. May cause pollen allergy symptoms. STORAGE Once opened store in an airtight container at room temperature away from heat or direct sunlight. Honeycomb is strung on wire frame, please use due care when cutting in to the product.